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Testimonial #2

  • Testimonial #2

    It can be difficult to give an honest appraisal without causing hurt feelings. But in this case I am very pleased to be able to say that my entire experience with Go Futures has been a pleasure. Brandon Barr, my introducing broker, expedited the entire process of setting up my account with IronBeam to my complete satisfaction. Joe, the young man that answers the phone when I call in needing assistance in any way is always polite and responsive to my needs. Which includes calling me back when necessary or getting the right person to assist me. Robert, the technician who has been looking after almost all of my needs is always congenial and a pleasure to be associated with. The effort that he put forward in getting me setup with GoTrader so that I will be able to trade on the platform is simply beyond commendable. His attention to detail in anticipating my needs is exemplary. Please note that I will have no trouble introducing friends of mine to Go Futures and their excellent crew!

    K Lindal