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  • Testimonial #1

    Testimonial #1

    Regarding the GoTrader trading software, I found the trading platform effective, fast and fairly easy to use, something I need when executing multiple option legs. The set-up and initial learning how to use it was made easier by the courteous and prompt action of Robert with the Go Futures staff. Thanks for the great help.

    L Martin

  • Testimonial #2

    Testimonial #2

    It can be difficult to give an honest appraisal without causing hurt feelings. But in this case I am very pleased to be able to say that my entire experience with Go Futures has been a pleasure. Brandon Barr, my introducing broker, expedited the entire process of setting up my account with IronBeam to my complete satisfaction. Joe, the young man that answers the phone when I call in needing assistance in any way is always polite and responsive to my needs. Which includes calling me back when necessary or getting the right person to assist me. Robert, the technician who has been looking after almost all of my needs is always congenial and a pleasure to be associated with. The effort that he put forward in getting me setup with GoTrader so that I will be able to trade on the platform is simply beyond commendable. His attention to detail in anticipating my needs is exemplary. Please note that I will have no trouble introducing friends of mine to Go Futures and their excellent crew!

    K Lindal

  • Testimonial #3

    Testimonial #3

    I have been a user of the GoTrader Trading Platform for several months. I have nothing but accolades for the program. Fast order fills, easy to work with, and very little down time. Highly recommended.

    T.H. from Two Harbors, MN

  • Testimonial #4

    Testimonial #4

    I have been a customer of Go Futures for approximately six months. Your Commission rates are among the lowest in the industry, if not the absolute lowest! My executions have been timely and slippages kept to a minimum. I have recommended Go Futures to several of my friends.

    J.R. from Richmond, VA

  • Testimonial #5

    Testimonial #5

    I have traded for over 20 years. Once I tried your demo system, I was excited to try the real time platform. It has not let me down on the quickness and ease of execution of my orders. Thanks!

    T.C. from Medina, OH

  • Testimonial #6

    Testimonial #6

    I have been a customer for a little over two months and I am very pleased with your company’s services, the speed of execution on the FAST Trading Platform is amazingly fast. I also think your commissions are very competitive. I look forward to being a longtime customer.

    P.W. from Louisville, KY

  • Testimonial #7

    Testimonial #7

    I like the rates, They are among the most reasonable I have found. The service is good. I get a phone call if anything fishy happens with my trades. The representatives are helpful and informative. They have answered many of my questions. The orders are filled in a very reasonable amount of time. I have been happy with this trading service, and plan on staying with them.

    A.G. from Newport Beach, CA

  • Testimonial #8

    Testimonial #8

    Thank you, you guys are awesome and your web site is such an awesome trading tool!

    A.T. from Newark, NJ

  • Testimonial #9

    Testimonial #9

    Go Futures commission rates are the lowest I’ve found. Executions by the guys at the trade desk are always helpful, friendly, and professional.

    S.A. from South Pasadena, FL

  • Testimonial #10

    Testimonial #10

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know … it is the best program I have ever seen. Also, you guys have a great tech team!

    F.L. from Austin, TX

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