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Go Futures offers Exchange Minimum Margins for overnight positions. This is the lowest margin requirement available as mandated by the exchanges. Go Futures is also extremely competitive with its liberal daytrade margin policy.

Listed below are the latest Exchange Minimum Margins requirements. Please note that margin requirements are subject to change without notice. Feel free to bookmark this page — margins are updated real-time every single trading day.

ContractExchangeSymbolInitial MarginMaintenance Margin
Australian Dollar (GLOBEX)CME6A20351850
British Pound (GLOBEX)CME6B16501500
Canadian Dollar (GLOBEX)CME6C12651150
CCI IndexICECI80307300
Coffee ‘C’ICEKC80307300
Crude Oil (e-miNY)NYMEXQM15951450
Crude Oil (NYMEX)NYMEXCL31902900
Dollar IndexICEDX880800
Dow JonesCBOTDJ78657150
E-Micro AUD/USDCMEM6A204185
E-Micro EUR/USDCMEM6E248225
E-Micro GBP/USDCMEM6B165150
E-micro GoldCMEMGC660600
E-micro JPY/USDCMEMJY347315
E-Mini CopperCMEQC16501500
E-Mini NASDAQ 100CMENQ32452950
E-Mini S&P 500CMEES47584325
Euro Currency (GLOBEX)CME@EC24752250
Eurodollar (GLOBEX)CME@ED176160
Federal FundsCBOTZQ176160
Feeder Cattle (GLOBEX)CMEGF20251500
Gold (COMEX)COMEXGC66006000
Goldman Sachs IndexCMEGD77007000
Hard Red Spring Wheat (MGEX)MGEXMWE22101700
Heating Oil (NYMEX)NYMEXHO34653150
High Grade Copper (COMEX)COMEXHG33003000
Japanese Yen (GLOBEX)CME6J34653150
Kansas City WheatKCBOTKW18751500
Lean Hogs (GLOBEX)CMEHE16201200
Live Cattle (GLOBEX)CMELE13501000
Lumber (GLOBEX)CMELBS24001600
Milk (Class III)CMEDC20251500
Mini CornCBOTXC405300
Mini Dow JonesCBOTYM39333575
Mini Russell 2000ICETF56105100
Mini SoybeansCBOTXS810600
Mini WheatCBOTXW405300
miNY Gold (COMEX)CMEQO33003000
miNY Silver (COMEX)CMEGI45384125
NASDAQ 100 (GLOBEX)CMEND1622514750
Natural Gas (e-miNY)NYMEXQG647588
Natural Gas (NYMEX)NYMEXNG25852350
Nikkei 225 (GLOBEX)CMENKD38503500
Orange JuiceICEOJ13751250
Palladium (COMEX)NYMEXPA41253750
Platinum (COMEX)NYMEXPL27502500
RBOB GasolineNYMEXRB36303300
Rough RiceCBOTZR13501000
S&P 500 (GLOBEX)CMEES2378821625
Silver (COMEX)COMEXSI90758250
Soybean MealCBOTZM24301800
Soybean OilCBOTZL15531150
Sugar #11ICESB935850
Swiss Franc (GLOBEX)CME6S25302300
Treasury BondsCBOTZB23102100
Treasury Note – 10 yrCBOTZN14301300
Treasury Note – 2 yrCBOTZT341310
Treasury Note – 5 yrCBOTZF990900

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