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Trade all U.S. Electronic Markets for just .99¢ commissions per contract99¢ commissions per contract. [1]
Trade all Eurex contracts for only .99¢ commissions.99¢ commissions per contract. [1]
Wire Transfer InNo Charge
Wire Transfer Out (Domestic)$40
Wire Transfer Out(International)$60
Check Issued (Domestic or International)No Charge
Check Issued Overnight (Domestic)$40
Check Issued Overnight (International)$60
Deliveries/RetenderUp to $250 per contract
Margin Call/Risk Liquidation$50 per contract
Margin Call DeficiencyThe greater of $18 or 0.18% of daily margin deficiency
Stop Payment/Insufficient Funds/ Returned Item Fee$45
Account Transfer InNo Charge
Account Transfer Out$100
Telephone Orders$5 per order placed or modified (cancellation is no charge)
Platform Fees:
GoTrader Standard (Desktop, Mobile, and Web)No monthly charge ($0.45 per contract platform fee)
GoTrader Professional$49/month; no additional per contract platform fee (plus applicable exchange market data fees)
Additional PlatformsOther platforms are available. Please consult with your broker for pricing and details.

[1] Additional charges will apply including exchange, clearing, NFA, and brokerage commissions.
These Go Futures commissions are quoted per side for self-directed accounts initially funded with $5,000 or more. Once funded, there are no minimum account balances to qualify for this rate. The commission rate for accounts opened with less than $5,000 is $9.00 per side. Plans are available for broker-assist and full service accounts. Please inquire for further details and rates.

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